Adolescent EP

by Hexed

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Thanks so much for all the support that everyone's been giving us. Whether it be at shows or online, we really appreciate all that you do and say! And we'll always be more than happy to jam and get down with everyone!!
Much love,



released November 30, 2016

Hidden track: El (B)ARRED-TERI$TA
(Ft. Dabs the Vapist)




Hexed Pomona, California

Psych Punk from Pomona, CA
Insta: Hexed_Ca
Twitter: Hexed _Ca
Facebook: Hexed.Ca

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Track Name: Plan Z (Remastered)
I see you now
You let me down
You stole the crown
Now what the hell

So what'd you do
Yeah who are you

I'll send you back
To Krusty Krab
And they'll fry your ass
You psychopath
Track Name: Pictures
You say that you miss me
I wouldn't forgive thee
For taking my last breath
Because you're so selfish
You say that you need me
I wouldn't forget the
Times that you left me
And your friends were laughing

Well maybe I'm stupid or maybe I'm fucked up
Maybe I love you or maybe this is dumb
Maybe you deserve this or maybe I'm wrong
But the memories that we share i just want them to stop

It's hard to forget you
Your pictures in my room
I had to tear them down
So I could escape you
And now I'm just angry
You wouldn't come save me
I didn't deserve this
But how can I be so sure?
Track Name: Ode to Vertigo
Where have the times gone
By gones be by gones
Singing and screaming songs
All fucking night long
Dancing and driving
Like nothing in the world was wrong

Where are you going?
We're all still here
Why are you leaving?
You're making me tear
Nothing ever lasts
That was my biggest fear
But now we're fresh, we're starting new
There's so much left that we have yet to do

Now that those time's are gone
By gones are by gones
We're still singing songs
All fucking night long
Dancing and trying
Because there's shit in this world that's wrong

Come be a part
And let loose your heart
Forget what you don't love
And seek what you got above
You are so much
Be free and fly
The sky's not the limit
Do before you die
Track Name: Anxiety Anxiety I Hate My Dad
Everybody trynna talk to me
Tell me what I gotta do to be happy
Tell me that I gotta go get a job
cut my hair and stop being a slob
Well everyone is so annoying
Trapping me so I'll never be free
Tell me that I gotta go get a job
An education but I'm trynna dodge

Fuck That

Fuck school cause it's rotting my brain
Telling me to grow up and act my age
Sorry teacher those are two different things
I'm a kid a student not your slave
All these rules are so annoying
Holding me down so I can't be free
Forcing me to do as you say
But doing your homework is really fucking gay

Fuck That